Low Leakage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors- Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Low Leakage polarized electrolytic capacitors have been popular as a cost effective alternative to Tantalum capacitors.

With operating temperature ranges up to +125C in some versions they are versatile in design applications.

Low Leakage capacitors are often found in critical timing circuits where reliability is essential.

As an added benefit many Low Leakage Capacitors are also "Long Life" products with 2000 hrs at 85C at rated voltage a common attribute.

While Radial & Axial remain the most popular configurations we do stock & offer Low Leakage caps in Snap-in & Screw Terminals styles.

Some of the common Low Leakage series we get requests for include:

NICHICON TKB (axial) UKB, UKL(radial)
PANASONIC ECEAxxZxxx (radial)

We stock an extensive inventory of Low Leakage Capacitors.
Also, we have the ability to cross manufacturers (& supply tech data) for virtually any capacitor manufacturer.

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Power Connectors / Cinch-Jones Plugs & Sockets - Monday, June 1, 2015

Power connectors are reliable with the ability to support high current and when  mating and unmating are required, all at an affordable price.  They are manufactured by Cinch. They were also made by Vernitron Beau who was acquired by Molex. 

  • Applications include:
  • Data Processing Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Controls
  • Communication Equipment.
  • Amusement and vending machines

These connectors are offered in two series 300 and 2400 with a variety of cable and panel mounting options.


  • 300 series:
      • Current rated at 10 amps                                                        
      • Voltage: 250VAC
      • Sizes 2 to 33 contacts
      • Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion
      • Used in light and medium applications
      • Beau equivalent series is 3300
      • Part # example:  Cinch P-308-CCT = Beau P-3308-CCT


  • 2400 Series:
      • Current rated at 15 amps
      • Voltage: 250VAC
      • Sizes 2 to 12 contacts
      • Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion
      • Used in medium applications
      • Beau equivalent series is 5400
      • Part # Example Cinch S-2404-DB = Beau S-5404-DB

Note:  Beau also made a Series 4400/ 15 amp that can be installed from the back of the panel or chassis. It is compatible with series 2400 and 400 style connectors.

Standard Radio has over 200,000 of these versatile connectors in stock. They are offered in several mounting configurations.  IE: 

  • AB - angle bracket
  • LAB - less angle bracket
  • DB - deep bracket
  • SB - shallow bracket
  • FP - flush plate
  • CCT - cable clamp top
  • CCE - cable clamp end

We are authorized to buy Cinch products, and we can offer both Rohs and Non-Rohs p#’s

Whatever your applications, please call us with your requirements and we will promptly meet your needs.  With over 67yrs of experience we will send you the right part at the right price.

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Supercon Electrical Connectors by Superior Electric- Thursday, May 28, 2015

When you need safe, fast, and positive connections for your panel-board these plugs and receptacles from Superior Electric are engineered to meet your needs.


Socket and pin types are available in ratings of 25, 50,100 and 250amps.  25-100 amp is rated 125-250 VAC or DC current interrupting.  250 amp types are rated 600 V unengerized connect or disconnect use only

Plugs are made with a grip for convenient handling.  Offered in colors red, white, blue, black or green to permit accurate circuit identification.  Cable fastening screws permit a range of cable sizes to be accommodated.  Wiring connections to the same plug can be either soldered or solderless.

Receptacles have color matched caps and bodies.  The plastic parts of the receptacles are molded in the same color.  This allows for accurate circuit identification on both the front and the back of the panel.  Wiring connections are made to a threaded studby wire wraparound, by lug or bus bar connection.

Styles offer include:

  • Socket receptacle    RS25GB   (25 amp / black)
  • Pin Plug                  PP25GB
  • Pin Receptacle        RP25GB
  • Socket                    PlugPS25GB


  • Audio Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Test and Measurement Apparatus
  • Patch Panels

 When your requirements require high current panel connections call Standard Radio for great prices and expedited delivery.

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Discontinuation of the ECQV Series Thru-Hole Film Capacitors- Tuesday, February 17, 2015

 Effective Date:

June 16th, 2014

Last Time Buy Date:

March 31st, 2015

Last Time Ship Date:

June 30th, 2015

Discontinuation Details:

Due to declining market demand, Panasonic will discontinue ECQV Series Film Capacitors. Please see the attached excel sheet for all affected part numbers.

Suggested Replacement:

No replacement

Affected Part Numbers:

All parts beginning with prefix ECQ-V.

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KEMET Ceramic P/N Suffixes - Marking & Packaging - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KEMET ceramic chips are available marked or unmarked (preferred) in several packaging styles. These ordering details are included as suffixes to the KEMET 14 digit part number, and will be used during the order entry process by KEMET sales personnel and distributors. (Notice that ordering a KEMET part number without a suffix will result in shipment of unmarked chips loose packed in a bag - so be sure to use a suffix if other packaging is needed.)

To speed up the ordering process, we use "shortcut" suffixes for the most common ordering modes. The most popular shortcut ordering suffix is "TU", which indicates unmarked chips, in labelled 7" tape & reel packaging. Alternatively, ordering suffix "TM" indicates marked chips, in labelled 7" reels. However, remember that marked chips are less likely to be in stock, and will have a cost premium associated with marking. Details on marking appear in our catalog, available on the website. Note that all 0402 chips and all Y5V chips are not available marked.

DESCRIPTION Unmarked Marking Required (Marking not available for any 0402 case size or commercial C0G and Y5V dielectric surface mount chip capacitors)
Standard Reeling 7" Plastic Tape 0805 - 2225 (0402, 0603 & 0805 thickness DB, DC & DD are reeled only on paper) 7800 (same as "TU") 7025 (same as "TM")
Standard Reeling 7" Plastic Tape 0402 & 0603 7867(same as "TU") 7013(same as "TM")
Special Reeling 13" Plastic Tape 0805 - 2225 (0402, 0603 & 0805 thickness DB, DC & DD are reeled only on paper) 7210 7215
Special Reeling 7" Paper Tape 0805 (0.78 mm thickness - selected values only) 7867 & 9239 7013 & 9239
Special Reeling 7" Paper Tape 1206 - 1210 (selected values only) 7867 7013
Special Reeling 13" Paper Tape 0402 & 0603 7411 7040
Special Reeling 13" Paper Tape 0805 (0.78 mm thickness - selected values only) 7411 & 9239 7040 & 9239
Special Reeling 13" Paper Tape 1206 - 1210 (selected values only) 7411 7040
Special Packaging Bulk Cassette for 0402, 0603 & 0805. 0402's are never marked. Use ONLY with special 0.6 mm 0805. 9028 9028 & 3325
Special Packaging Loose Chips in Plastic Bags 0603 - 2225 No Suffix 3325
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Bourns Ordering Code- Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bourns ordering Code

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Discontinuation of M39006/09 and M39006/21, P and R level failure rate part numbers- Friday, May 23, 2014
New From Vishay - Discontinuation of M39006/09 and M39006/21, P and R level failure rate part numbers

Description: All M39006/09 and M39006/21 P and R failure rate part numbers will be discontinued. We will maintain all ratings as M level part numbers
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Cornell Dubilier announcement- Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cornell Dubilier has announced, effective August 31, 2014 they are discontinuing the following series, 556, 066, 066X, 066R, TC, TCG, 057, M39018/03, & TCX.  R & J Components stocks some of the series and is ready to ship today.  Not only do we have some in stock, our team, of engineers can cross reference the Cornell Series for you. 

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MKC/PS Capacitors- Thursday, May 8, 2014

MKC/PS Capacitors

Film capacitors are an important component in many of the circuits designed today. Engineers realize that the qualities and cost in using this style of capacitor are essential in producing the best product at the right price. However what happens when the material they would like to use has been discontinued by the manufacturer?  They can scramble around and try to find an alternative or they can contact Standard Radio. We have one of the industries largest selections of film capacitors in stock. Our product knowledge and tremendous inventory has made us a leader in supplying capacitors for over 60 years.

When they were still being made, polycarbonate and polystyrene capacitors were very popular in designs that needed stability and where a capacitor that was small in size was required. Both of these materials are no longer being made by the manufacturers and as a result capacitor manufacturers cannot make product using polycarbonate and polystyrene as the dielectric. Polypropylene and other materials have been offered as replacements but these are not exact replacements. Standard Radio has film capacitors in stock that use polycarbonate and polystyrene as the dielectric in brands such as ASC, Bishop Electronics Corp, CDE, Electronic Concepts, Electrocube, Philips, Sprague and many more of the industries preferred manufacturers.

Some of the qualities that are offered in a capacitor using polycarbonate and polystyrene as their dielectric are:

Excellent capacitance stability

Tight tolerances

High insulation resistance

Low dissipation 

Typical Applications:

Critical Timing Circuits           Feedback Circuits

Fixed Tuning Circuits             Power Supply Filtering

Gyro Circuits                          Integrating Circuits

Coupling & Decoupling          Pulse Forming Networks

Standard Radio has Polycarbonate and polystyrene capacitors in stock in DC voltages that range from 35VDC up to 630VDC. We have stock in both commercial grade and military grade polycarbonate capacitors. We have axial lead styles and radial leads styles both box type and molded in stock. We have included a suggested manufacturer cross reference list for these types of capacitors in an effort to help find alternates to these discontinued styles of capacitors.

Standard Radio has been a leader in supplying capacitors of every style for over 60 years. We offer our customers excellent customer service and provide them with product knowledge that is priceless. Contact us with any of your capacitor requirements and let us show why we are called the “King of Capacitors”.

Polycarbonate Capacitor Cross Reference

ASC X463-X465 X428
BEC C21 C32
EFC 1613-TC
PHILIPS 719B1 / MKC344
RODERSTEIN MKC1860 MKC1822,1885,1862

Polystyrene Capacitor Cross Reference

ASC 863
Atmel- Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Established in 1984, Atmel is a leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components with revenues in excess of 1.39 billion dollars. 

Standard Radio has been providing our customers with Amtel products for over 20 years. We have an enormous inventory of Atmel products with over 6.8 million parts in stock and ready to ship today.  We can also offer any upgrades when available.

Ordering information

Operational Temperature Range

  • Commercial Temperature (−0°C to 70°C)
  • Industrial Temperature (−40°C to 85°C)
  • Automotive Temperature (−40°C to 125°C) 
  • C -  Leaded / Commercial Temperature
  • I -   Leaded / Industrial Temperature
  • U - Lead-free/Halogen-free/ Industrial Temperature
  • H - Lead-free/Halogen-free/ Industrial Temperature with NiPdAu Lead Finish.
  • Q - Lead-free/Halogen-free/Automotive Temperature


  • 2.7 Low Voltage (2.7V to 5.5V)
  • 1.8 Low Voltage (1.8V to 5.5V)
  • R Rotated Pinout

Obsolescence Information

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